Monday, 27 June 2011

OMG Rain finally!!!

Finally Rain hit Delhi yesterday welcoming the mosoon is here a notch before 3 days. Delhites were really waiting for rain with a bated breath. City received sporadic Rain and the sky is no more azure and bright! Its cloudy, wet, partially dark and its sprinkling drops on us. Yippie! Monsoon is here. Delhites really know to celebrate the season.

Rain wiped out the heat of Summer completely. Spotted many couple walking hands in hands on the lush green grass carpet of India Gate. A pair just kissed eachother covering the umbrella! This is so bollywood. No it is not. It is Delhi and its free emotion. People are buying bhelpuri and all sorts of snacks  from the hawkers ignoring the cocktail of their snack and Rainwater. Ecstatic Rain and euphoric Delhites.

Its certainly a respite from the plus 42 degrees unbearable temperature. Families are out at India Gate with their children. The happy mother is buying her children their favourite Icecream.

The begger boy is also not deprived. He is gorging on some momos bought him by some genuine soul.
School kids are out and running on the sidewalk chasing eachother in the cheering rain. Oh Delhi you look so good and so are your folks.

A welcome relief from the scorchy heat has not stopped our senior citizens from the mauj masti. They have flocked up under the tree or sheds during their early evening stroll in Lodi Garden. And some are even doing their Rain walk. Ofcourse we love getting wet.

Corporates are out in Cannaught place from their airconditioned office and loudly chatting and walking along. Fianlly a much deserved break from the artificial weather!

A bliss, happiness or fun galore! Delhites enjoyed it all!


Amit said...

Hey Pupps!
why have you stopped writing? Haven't seen much activity lately..
keep writing, i love your blog!

Pupps said...

Thanks Amit. I hv nt stopped writing. But I hv not been uploading them. I was actually waiting for someone to help me spruce up my website. But again that would take time. I m posting the articles now instead of waiting...Thanks again for looking this up!