Wednesday, 8 June 2011

25 things that you dont know about me! (Not about Delhi This Time)

1. I just love Strawberry Diaquiri, the least cool drink in this whole universe. I don’t care if my freinds call it "too gay" or "too feminine".

2. My Louis Vuitton overnight bag is fake. I bought it from a thriftshop in Kualalumpur. but it looks pretty close to original.

3. I keep lying about my weight. I actually weigh 92 kilos. The great part is I dont look fat. But all of my friends know i weigh 78 kilos.

4. I miss my dad terribly.

5. I sing well and could have been a popstar. I just couldnt expliot my talent in proper manner.

6. I am not really really happy with my current job. I m not pursuing any super career. I m just making a living out of it and I am underpaid.

7. Sometimes in the middle of passionate sex I want to laugh out loud. It irritated my partner many times.

8. The closest people I love are my mom and Naveen.

9. I often turn off my colleagues' LCD when they are away from their desk and they wonder what happened to their system.

10. I once had a weird passionate love making dream about my first cousin.

11. I owe a lot to my mom. She is the most strongest woman on this earth.

12. I still dont know some basic formulas of Excel and somehow I manage the reporting job once a week. I keep asking my colleagues and I keep forgetting.

13. My favorite perfume is Cinema by YSL. I m about the finish the second bottle. I will buy it again.

14. I think I am an alcoholic. I still dont knw

15. I dont know what USSR stands for. All I know that its Russia.

16. The first time I tried drugs when I was in high school and I slept for 14 hours after that. I was so scared.

17. Once I spent the whole night discussing about "life after death" with my flat mate when I was 8. Next day I bunked school and went to a haunted house and then to a cemetery.

18. I hate excercising. Sliming surgeries are far better.

19. I love eating grilled livers, cold cuts, chops and Jap food.I can eat 'em in breakfast, lunch and in dinners..all the time. I devour Bengali food equally.

20. I feel like a Pornstar atleast once a day.

21. I have many favourite songs, two of them are "My Sharona" by The Knack and "Do wop(that thing)" by Lauryn hill.

22. These days my favorite band is "Panic at the Disco". They are not very famous but they are doing well.

23. My favourite music video is "Vogue" by Madonna. Many tried copying Madonna but everyone failed.

24. I love reading Jane Austen. I think she is the ultimate queen.

25. I 've always had this deep down feeling that I am not like everybody and there's an amazingly exciting new life waitng for me just around the corner.

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