Saturday, 11 June 2011

Love me do: Delhi Metro

"Tunnel of Love oh of Love". Indeed its worth falling in love in the tunnel of Delhi Metro if not many times then atleast for once. Mark Knofler would certainly love to do a concert here or would atleast dedicate this song to Delhi Metro if he travelled once. Love makes the world go around and so is doing our Delhi Metro. Such a romantic route connected in wide spread Delhi that you are bound to fall in love with the Metro. Why not with the passenger who you see daily in the metro on your way to office? Love happens anywhere then why not in Metro?

Same group of commuters take the same train at the same given time. Some are headed to office, some to their college. All known faces. Faces of Delhi....why not faces of love? Some muster the courage to talk to the one they like and there the story goes. Others look into eyes. Let the eyes do the talking and then eventually they talk and end up at the coffee shops at the Metro station.

"We spoke to eachother nearly after two months of traveling together and my life completely changed. Thanks to Delhi Metro, I met my love. He is the guy I was waiting for. I would have approached him if he hadn't taken any steps towards me." Some online comments read like that.

It all starts with greeting each other. If the other person likes he or she would definitely greet in return or would atleast smile. And the game starts. The waiting game. An eager wait to meet the person the very next day in the train. And the days go on and so does the love. The new platform to fall in love. Great going Metro! Surely you have heard about the love stories happening in the buses. Now hear them happening in Metro!

To top up the entire love scene of Delhi Metro, a 24 year old Management student introduced a website that helps the fellow passengers to greet, meet and have fun with in Delhi Metro. Please have a look at Signing up is easy and you will surely be able to find someone traveling in your route. This does not only cater to the straight people. This site also have the same option for people with alternate lifestyle. Now sky is the limit. Such a smart usage of technology.

But delhites are always demanding. They want a seperate car in the train for the couples. Delhi Metro already has a seperate car for the ladies and it is a known fact that the last compartment of the train is for the gay people to meet eachother. Now the latest need is a seperate compartment for the couples. Too much to ask for. Will this be fulfilled? King of wishful thinking! Dream on Delhi!

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