Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Dip, Dive, Dunk: Delhi Pools: Summer 2011

The heat is unbearable nearly. Its 42 degrees outside. You can even fry an egg on your side walk. But you can do some other coolest things instead. Get into your swimming gear, dab sunscreen lotion all over your body and take a plunge into the pool. Lets beat the heat. Give in yourself to the inviting and inciting water. Oh what a releif! Take a look at the pools listed for New Delhi and choose the one which is convenient and close to you. Delhi has wide options to choose from DDA-Run to the spunky Private ones.

Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Swimming Pool:  Located at Mother Teresa Crescent Road, near to India gate is spread over 12.13 acres with the built-up area occupying 3.7 acres .3 Pools of FINA Standards - Warm-up, Main Competition, Diving Pools .All pools are temperature controlled with digital temperature display system . The best part is its best for the learner and as well as the veteran.  This one with all its benefits and cost effectiveness (Rs 500 per month) is by far the most popular. This is one of the cheapest fetch.
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Khazan Singh Academy: Its in the close vicinity to Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU). Located in the lush green shadow of South Delhi. It has excellent coaches, lifeguards and is known for the superb maintenance of the swimming pool. Swimming in the azure water is just fun unlimited. Pay 1300rs per month as fees. Then 700rs from the very next month and onwards. It also has “women-only” slots. Check out the timing at the entrance.
Contact : 011-32933828
Five star Fun, Hotel Samrat: If its expensive  then its exclusive too. Nelson Health Club in Samrat Hotel at Chanakyapuri awaits the upper strata of the society. Its very well maintained and is rated the best on heigene factor. The beauty of the pool lies in the scenery around. It also has a shallow pool for your children. Besides they have amazing per day rates of Rs 450 (for adults) and Rs 350 (children). So what about this Sunday noon?
Contact: 011 26110606

DDA Pools: DDA is the pride of Delhi and so its pools. Nothing fancy to expect. All you will get is a nice cool comfort in this scortchy summer. They also have coaches. But you have to pay extra other than the monthly fees. The rates vary from place to place.
Pacific Sports Complex: Located at the centre of South Delhi. Close to Moolchand and GK1. Pacific Sports Complex has an Olympic Style Swimming Pool. They charge Rs. 2000 per month or Rs. 200 per day. They also offer a good deal if you intend to use the gym as well. So try for the double bounty. They charge 1000rs extra for the Coach if you wish to have one.
Contact : 011-65650387

So plunge into the pool  and enjoy the summer instead of whining about the heat.
The cool benefits:

You will make friends with some coolest water bodies(buddies).

You wont have to bear with the loadshedding at home though this summer is not that bad. Sheila Aunty is watching us. Thank you.

You finally have a smart excuse not to follow the boring tv programs because you go for swimming.

You are the fittest amongst your friends.

WoW..You have a sexy waistline by now!

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