Monday, 6 June 2011

Baba or Babe!

It started with anti government gestures, then a mob, a rackus with a mass fight with the police and finally the Baba fled donning a salwar-kameez to save his Godly skin. What a showdown! Respecting women by wearing salwar suit? Well thats what he defended.

"We cannot buy his statement, this is definitely a foolish act. This is something not expected from baba. Saints dont runaway wearing woman's suits. This is such a cowardly act.
"We were all totally gobsmacked at the action taken by the Delhi Police, He had no action but to flee. It has affected his image."

OMG Delhi is getting mixed reviews. The whole thing is so funny. But take a look at the picture of Baba wearing salwar kameez. It fitted him like gloves. Come on look at the cuts and curves! Baba is looking handsomely pretty minus the beard. And there is no sign of objection in his eyes during the take. Or did he just love that? Too bored of wearing the saffron piece?

OMG Whats happening!

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