Saturday, 11 June 2011

Married "Happy" Delhi Designers

Its legal in India since 2009 and its naturally legal in fashion industry since fashion evolved in India. Then what's the big deal? Famous gay fashion fraternities still cannot come out. Looks like the historic ammendment of Indian Law has not changed much in Indian Fashion Industry's gay community. But babies, we all know about you! I mean they are so obvious.Its so funny to unbeleive. They wear pink trousers, big glasses, skinny jeans but still they are so hesitant in terms of accepting their sexual orientation. They think it affects their day to day life and their correspondence and dealings with their clientele. And to put a cover of the whole thing they get married to girls. Isn't the act sheepishly foolish? But this is the latest trend in the industry. Its trite but this is the rock bottom truth.

A famous south Delhi designer has made a top notch fashion line with his boyfriend and he also married a girl. And the funniest part is they all live together. Oh My God! Are you guys enjoying life? Isn't it gut-wrenching to keep such aching secret when whole world knows about it. Or you just gulp it with a dose of fame? But its so difficult to digest.  We can see. We know its your business and you dont want anyone to intrude. But why a cover up? Why not living alone or with your boyfriend. Its absolutely normal. Poor the girl who has to put up with all these. I m sure the happiness is compensated somehow.

There are many like them on the both sides of Yamuna River.

"I work with lot of gay designers and yes they are mostly married. I have no clue about the reason but they look happy. Or may be they just wear a musk", says a make up artist who does not want to be named here.

But does it really affect their business if they are open gays? This is not a buyable justification. The guru of Indian fashion industry is gay and he is so cool and carries it all so well. And he is the best seller by the way. The whole India admires him.

Or do they just get married under pressure? This too is not real. come on guys, you are the usher of the upcoming fashion legends. You are brave, you have made it big in the fashion scene. So love yourself and don't fool around with your life because we love you and many of us are hugely influenced by you. Life is beautiful and be proud of what you are. Its specially easy in your industry. Isn't it? Life, love, sex and dhoka. Or is it all dhoka? Now thats a food for thought for yourself!

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