Monday, 29 August 2011

Anna Hazare, The Iron Man of India

Meet Anna Hazare. They call him Second Gandhi of India. An ex army man carrying true patriotic spirit is trying to change the phase of "Corrupted" India.  He is leading a movement for passing a stronger anti-corruption Lokpal bill which is pending from last 42 years. Believe it. This is a revolution. And the whole India is backing him up. If not whole then at least the major middle class mass. The entire hue and cry, the dharnas, the gathering and the protest is constantly proving that the Indian middle class matters. It matters a lot. Finally Indians are waking up to fight against corruption. But where do we exactly stand? Anna started his Hunger strike in the month of April and you can see him again on Hunger strike in August with strong supporters like us. This has not moved a bit and he didn’t get the Jan Lokpal Bill till now. He didn’t even get a resolution passed in favour of his three sticking points. But yes we have huge supporters from different strata of our Society starting from Film stars to the normal people like us. His fast hasn't achieved anything but was able to bent Parliament a little to his will. If you look at it, the half way victory is a win-win for all of us. People are well aware about the current predicament and Anna Hazare. In nearly two hundred cities across India, thousands of college students, young corporate and housewives are joining Anna's campaign in every minute. Even the 6 year olds in the school know about him and support him with whatever little they have heard about him from their teachers and parents. This is called mass pulling in true sense. If the victory is half a way then the remaining laps are not that far. The glass may look half empty but it won’t take much time to fill it up to its brim.

What is the take of our so called Country heads on Anna. What do they have to say? Why are not they coming out to help to pass the bill when the whole country agrees to it? Is it a dare or a double dare for them?

Rahul Gandhi has finally broken his month long silence on the face-off between the corrupted government and Anna Hazare's campaign by saying, "In the last few months, Anna has helped the people to articulate this same sentiment (against corruption). I thank him for that". Rahul, do you just have to thank him? Why not standing by him?

On the other side,  Mr Manmohan Singh says "He has become the embodiment of our people's disgust and concern about tackling corruption. I applaud him, I salute him. His life is much too precious and therefore, I would like to urge Anna Hazare to end this fast".  Anna is used to hunger strike. Please don’t think too much about it. If not you then someone else is trying to spruce up our country. Why not fastening the procedure to pass the anti corruption Bill quickly in the Parliament Mr Prime Minister? What are you doing?

Sonia Gandhi is a sad story. She is recovering some serious ailment. When will India recover? Our Government is drunk and drugged with power and corruption. When will you sober up?

Why is there a huge delay in passing the bill? Government is petrified. Anna is ahead of them. Manmohan Singh, Sonia or Rahul Gandhi won’t sell anymore. Not even in "black". And we are NOT buying stuff in "black" anymore. No more corruption. The white is in! It’s the newest trend and the truth is out just like the cats and dogs! Let’s get with it.

Monday, 8 August 2011


Puja Mehra, 23 years old very beautiful girl, Leads a perfect life, perfect body, with an awesomely paid job, has a hunk like boyfriend, goes out for dancing on every Saturday.... but one fine day she commits suicide leaving everyone haunting why did she do so? her boyfriend is too traumatized to talk, parents are devastated....friends are shocked.. but why? why did she do that?

She clearly mentioned in her note that no one is responsible for her death. And police verified that it was her handwriting and thus it says that she was not forced to death or nothing compelled her under any cicumstances or any given condition to face death. It was her personal decision. But  why?

Well this is just another story or may be real. But lot of people have suicidal tendencies even if they are very happy and elated in life while everything is just going normal. but there is some void in life which hard to fill up making them feel miserable and lead to death or near to death! Or is it just a sickness or a very poor distracted mental condition which no one can control but death? is that an ultimate? Death amplified?
There should be someway out to control Suicidal attempts.

Suicide is NEVER the answer,getting help is the answer.
"I went for a holiday with my partner and eversince I don’t feel that way", says Seema, a librarian. She used to be suicidal for no reason. Upon asking she just quoted "I wanted to meet death. I know this is silly but it keeps popping in my head. but life is so beautiful after the holiday. I never feel that way anymore. if it crops up again I just have a relentless telephone conversation with my boyfriend or I start watching my favorite movie. Thank God it hasn’t relapsed since 4 months"

What can be the bottom-line or the ready remedy for this?
Do something which you always dreamed that could make you happiest. This will clear off the clouded mind of being suicidal. At least this will give a long time happiness which will linger in mind" says Dr Varun. Indeed a very good point. But why not picking up a hobby to beat this. If you are suicidal, you probably are suffering from clinical depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, postpartum depression, PTSD, or something similar. And if you have something along these lines, you actually have a chemical imbalance in your brain -- and you cannot possibly think straight because of it. That is beyond your control. But many made it a success. So whats the key?

"I joined Yoga classed and kept engaging myself in lots of activity and made sure I m with somebody or the other always during any part of the day" says Raja. Yoga definitely brings solace to mind and activities yes. Pick up a hobby or anything you like to do.
Five random positive key to this:

"I moved in a new location"

"I just love books so I took a part-time job in my neighborhood library"

"Was not in touch with family since ages. Reunion with family, especially mum gave me hopes and positivity"

"Spent more time at work and superseded lot of my colleagues and was awarded with a promotion"

"Started having plenty of really helps.. beleive you"

Razors pain you,
Rivers are damp
Acid stains you,
Drugs cause cramp
Guns aren't lawful,
Nooses give
Gas smells awful,
You might as well live....

And they happily lived ever after!