Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Common drunk lines of Delhi guys!!!

1. I am not drunk Seriously!

2. Lets go to Gurgaon. It'll be fun

3. I WILL drive the car. Not you!

4. Dont mind brother....

5. You have to tell her that you love her...today! Call now.

6. I wont drink for next 15 days.

7. Do you think I m drunk?

8. Your phone is ringing.

9. We are true brothers..not friends.

10. Lets have one last small drink.

11. You have to speak to her today. Where is your phone?

12. Why am I not getting drunk? Seriously yaar!

13. Lets go to Agra and come back.

14. Nothing beats Chicken tandoori with this. What have you ordered?

15. Look at that girl..her booty! Gawd...

16. No cigarrettes....all over.

17. Your party is due next week.

18 . Lets drive down to C.P atleast.

19. I have given up drinking from today.

20. One more please..bro...

21. Where did I keep my phone? Please give me a buzz.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Give me Red! The coolest DTC Bus...A worthy Ride

"I say hello, you fool, I love you, Come on join the Joyride", Roxete is right in their words and tune. The only thing is probably it was not meant for Delhi buses. But who cares?

If Delhi Metro rocks then Delhi bus certainly doesn't rock any less than that. Now the crowd is equidivided between Metro and buses. Or Metro is more crowded? Ahem Ahem! Just go on the road and take a few glimpse on the bus and you will be able to find out the truth. The truth about cats and dogs!

Delhi is slowly bidding gooodbye to the dud non ac buses. More and more DTC AC Buses are brought on the road thinking to deal with Delhi's muggy weather. Thank you Mr Arvinder Singh Lovely, Our hon'ble Transport Minister. You actually proved yourself lovely towards the Entire Delhi mass.

6pm at Andrews Gunj Bus stop. People are waiting for their bus to their way to home. But where is the maddenning jostling crowd? You practically can stretch both of yours arms widely and take a 360 degree turn and still there is space.. No tensed up faces to see. The girl is profusely talking on phone. Auntiji is taking the best bite from the braised corns as if she does not have any hurry to reach anywhere. The Gentleman is smoking a cigarrette peacefully and the boy in white shorts with his tennis racket is changing track in his white ipod. Two begger boys are chasing eachother. And a couple under the bus stop shed  sitting dangrously close to eachother. Is this a place for romance? Or they too are waiting for their romantic bus ride?

The Red bus arrives. No no, There are two infact. One Red and the Green. Their size is same but the looks are slightly different. Peple slowly alight from the buses. No one is shoving anyone nor anyone is shouting like a touter about the bus routes. The seats are full in both the buses and very few standees. Some people are sleeping or have they just kept their eyes closed? Looks like they are drugged to the new their new comfort zone. Why not? Cool air, cooler seats and coolest wheels. Why not...Indulge yourself in this stylish mode of coolest transportation. Just then the girl attends her phone, "Mamma you dont have to send the car to the metro station. I am fine I'll be there in next 20".

P.S: You can buy a Rs 40 daily pass from Delhi Transport Corporation and travel unlimited in its swanky air-conditioned buses. Go to the following link:

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

I am too sexy for my hair!!!!

Long hair is passe, no one does rebonding thesedays, black sooty hair is so boring, Emo is out of fashion, not much choice for short,cropped up hair. No you are wrong. Completely wrong. Everyone has options to style his/her mane in their best possible manner. Its your hair. So think deeply and discuss with a proper hair stylist befoe changing your conventional hair style or colour. Delhi, where almost every youth is a fashionista there has to be something "sexy" about the places they go for their sexy hair cut. Here are the few "uber cool" places that meet our reconnaissance mission where you can give your hair a cut, a spa or a nice treatment or maybe just a plain massage after a long tiring day! But they have much more to offer you instead!

Soops, GK1 M Block: More than a salon, its a hangout lounge for the upper cooler crowd of South Delhi. Choc-a-bloc with the regulars. Super friendly crew and rocking music makes it worth spending time to indulge into the best hair do. They do all kind of stuff and their speciality is transforming into celeb looks. Normal hair cut costs 500 Rs but from a Specialist will cost you 1000 Rs. Its your choice.
Phone: 46536577, 46536588.

Crew Cut: A coziest hub in Amar Colony. Its really value for money. The owner Naseem takes extra care of every customer. He even carries a set of Jaguar scissors. Hospitable stuff will make you keep coming back for more. A very homely affair where they will offer you tea, water and even snacks if you are lucky. Their speciality is Streaking and straigtening. Hair cut comes as cheap as 100 Rs. But there is always a queue of people waiting for haircut. So you cannot be timebound.
Phone: 26448639, 9871909909 Note: Its relatively empty on Tuesdays.

Looks, Khan Market: Superclassy hotspot for the expats, models and moneyed delhites. You cannot come without prior appointments. Otherwise wait for the whole day at the foyer. They are good at everything. But they are famous in coloring.Their color of this season which suits everyone is "iced capuccino". They also offer relaxing massages. Average haircut with shampoo and blow dry comes for 1400 Rs.It is definitely a first rate place as famous celebs fequent this place almost everyday. Just go and check out yourself. It deserves atleast worth one cut.
Phone: 41757233, 41757244

Images, Lajpat Nagar2: Sounds like a deal. Beside hair cuts they have different offers that come in packages like Haircut, facial, threading etc with a reasonable ammount. They also do full body waxing for men for 600 Rs. The owner "Mr Gandhi" is very friendly and suggestive about the haircuts and the best deals that you could fetch from their services. They also offer complete body treatment that includes Body Polishing, Hand and feet massage and Stress Releiving treatment.
Phone: 41716966

Time to indulge and spoil yourself silly! Despite our daily challenges we deserve to feel special and appreciated at times. Its time now. Hiar, body or Soul. They all need personal pampering. So go baby go! Look and feel different.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Pre-party Diet(A must do in this party season)

There's a big fat wedding in this weekend. Your best freind's birthday bash is on next friday. Sister's wedding anneversary is just 10 days to go. How to cope up with all these parties and still remain in shape? You deserve to look your best. Delhi really knows how to party and so do you. So dont stop yourself from gorging those laddus, cocktails or buttery kababs. You actually can eat all and still keep up that sexy figure of yours. Here is the Mantra:

You have to do this diet the day before your party so that you look fabulous on the following day.

1. Paneer fry: Shallow fry the paneer and keep it aside. Add some crushed pepper. The protein present in paneer helps your skin look super fresh. Keep eating this whenever you want to.

2. Brown rice pulao: Boil brown rice and fry chopped red pepper and mix them well. Add very little rock salt. Red Peppers accentuate metabolism and help in burning fat and brown rice keeps your stomach clean with its fibre factor.

3. Veggies: Chop asperagus, Broccolli and Mushrooms. Toss them all with olive oil, peppercorns, garlic and a dash of lime juice. Dont add salt. The taste itself will be divine. You wont feel the need to add salt. It will be a spoiler then.
Asparagus helps you to get rid of bloating up looks.
Broccoli is a natural source of added fibre.
Mushroom has zinc which is vitally important for sound sleep and helps in muscle toning.
Pepper aids digestion

You have to have this salad as dinner, the night before your party. If you are still hungry. You can drink a glass of chilled double toned milk with few drops of vanilla essence in it.

Good night and happy partying! You are bound to get complements. Beleive you!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Bomb Blast.....Is there an END?

Disgusting, disturbing, sickening....what more to say? Bomb blast again in Bombay. When will they stop? Have they already found some Pakistani connection to this? Wait for a day or two. Some terrorist group will definitely be nailed down. Everyone is glued to the tv. What happened is really sad. It moved me to tears to see the road spilled with blood and the dead bodies. I m angry, sad, traumatized and dont know whom to blame. How long can we play the blame game? Why are we blaming pakistan or any other muslim country? Why cannot we manage our own terrorism. With highest population and the best leaders we dont actually need suggestion from any other country. Because terrorism lies with us. Before blaming pakistan we should look at us. Kar sevaks are the true example of Indian terrorists. Aren't they? And the worst part is we elected them. They are one of our leaders.

After Osama's death there are still many terrorists harbouring in pakistan and some are being born everyday. What US did set an example for the terrorists not to touch them again. Or do they have some other plots? Why cannot we do the same? Even why can't we pressurize UAE to nab down the terrorists for mumbai blast in '93? Why are they walking freely after creating such a massacre in a foreign land? Shouldn't there be some global law for terrorism? And why is Kasab still alive? These questions are definitely answerable but we dont have any. How long do we have to live under fear, trauma and panic?

We have to take care of ourselves. We cannot blame our cops or our leaders. We have to show the love towards our country. We have to be careful. We have to be aware of whom and why we are voting and whats going around ours. We have to be alert. We don't know the name of our local counsellor, MLA or our home minister but we know who Monica lewenski is. How horribly ignorant are we? We are globalised but we dont know the factoids of our own land. what happened to "Mera bharat mahan"? We cannot just shout slogans. Its time to act. We cannot lack in ability and intelligence. India has given birth from famous nobel laurets to the super duper astronauts. We have to exploit our intelligence to curb terrorism. And no mercy should be showered on such heinous crime. Ask the family memebers of the victims. They will have better ideas.

I strongly beleive that whosoever connected to such acts should be given the most scariest death that they can ever think of. Shoot them point blank after proper interrgation and show it on global television. This is so inhumane but the question is "Can a terrorist be called a Human?". Wake up India, dont stay so numb or drugged! Act now before its too late for yet another explosion to happen.

Fare Unfair!

This has happened many many times with me. Out on the rutted roads in Delhi and hassling with the auto drivers. Arguements are never ending. They refuse to go with the metered rate and I abuse them. They would call me names and I would give them a mouthful. I fight over the amount as small as rupees 5 like a slum dweller. And the story goes on....

Is the flip side of the story any better? Talking about the Pre-paid fare of the autos will disappoint you big time. They are a big ripoff. Spcecially if you are travelling a long distance it will leave a hole in your pocket. You are not just paying extra but almost more than 25% of the metered amount. You finally conclude that you should not have availed the service and you could have just thought of taking a chance with the auto driver from running road for a better deal.

Prepaid booths sound reasonable as they say that they charge 5rs extra as "service charges" for giving safety conveyed to the destination. But thats not the case. They charge more than that.

The metered rate from New Delhi Railway statiOn to CR park is 107 rs but a pre-paid auto will cost you 140rs. Same applies when you travel from AIIMS To Kalkaji. By meter it will be 72rs but for pre-paid service you are paying 100rs. You are just not paying extra but also bearing the cribbing autodriver who is hellbent not to drop you to your residence if its little interior or touching the fag end of the colony even if it falls under the same location. They will ask 10-20rs more and then the cheap fight starts again. SO practically it comes all back to circle. You have no other option but to bear with the entire dramatic situation. How unfair the fare is! OMG
Refer to the website below, It will help you to determine the auto/taxi fare when you are on the road!

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Write, Earn, Live....Love!

Mohit always stays home in Motia Khan, close to PaharGunj. Infact he loves to stay in the house. No he is not grounded. He makes a decent income. He doesnt have to listen to his Boss. He doesnt have to even fight with the daily traffic to reach office at 9am. His freinds are jealous and so are you. Isn't it? He sits at home and writes all day with unlimited coffee breaks. He is allowed even for a short afternoon nap. This is amazing.

"Writing is much fun. I can do it all the time", says Neena 36 years old housewife who freelances for a Content writing firm at Safdarjung Enclave. She manages her entire house hold work and keeps in touch with everyone and meets every social commitments. She adds "After my baby was born I needed a home based job and article writing was the most interesting thing I found and I make pretty good money every month. I am certainly blessed."

"Article writing" in India is the hottest job thesedays. It is one of the most sought after career if your have a knack in creating writing. Put this on a search engine and this will result in thousands. Many of its are outsourced to India. But why? Average Indian writers are bubbly, youthful, artristic and more so very colorful. To become a successful content writer in India or anywhere in the world along with good writing skills one has to be good in research and reading. Its like 70% research and 30% own writing. Indian English is considered very purest. Indians can really play with words and they have excellent vocabulary. Who can stop us from flourish? Looks like India has continuos blessings from Laxmiji as long as your output is error free not only from language or grammatical part of it but it should not lack in ambiguous facts and ideas.

Gone is the time when Prime Minister admitted the Indian economy is falling and acute. Financial crisis initiated reforms in lot of industrial sectors. Just then the dramatic entry of BPO services, ITES jobs, Content writing took over and marked a revolution in Indian economy.

India provides tailor made writing solution to the world. its highly picking up. Many SEO services in metros catering to a large number of clientele like yahoo or google. And this goes at par with Content writing. Earlier any online eterpreneour would think about layout and design about his website but now the core importance lies on Content and SEO. "My website website may not be attractive but due it its rich content its appearing in major search engines" says Bala, a young enterpreneur from Mayur Vihar, Phase 2. It makes the business more credible. Our subject experts are fully equipped with their knowledge but to put them into words we need highly professional writers. And then it is superhit.

No its not hyped at all. It is the reality. Indians can make it in every field and its proven. India has managed BPO related work, Medical transcripting and why not atricle writing? We can conclude saying that we have to be conscious and keep SEO in mind. It is definitely not wrong to tell that India is the best place to outsource Content writing. Chak de India!