Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Common drunk lines of Delhi guys!!!

1. I am not drunk Seriously!

2. Lets go to Gurgaon. It'll be fun

3. I WILL drive the car. Not you!

4. Dont mind brother....

5. You have to tell her that you love her...today! Call now.

6. I wont drink for next 15 days.

7. Do you think I m drunk?

8. Your phone is ringing.

9. We are true brothers..not friends.

10. Lets have one last small drink.

11. You have to speak to her today. Where is your phone?

12. Why am I not getting drunk? Seriously yaar!

13. Lets go to Agra and come back.

14. Nothing beats Chicken tandoori with this. What have you ordered?

15. Look at that girl..her booty! Gawd...

16. No cigarrettes....all over.

17. Your party is due next week.

18 . Lets drive down to C.P atleast.

19. I have given up drinking from today.

20. One more please..bro...

21. Where did I keep my phone? Please give me a buzz.

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