Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Bomb Blast.....Is there an END?

Disgusting, disturbing, sickening....what more to say? Bomb blast again in Bombay. When will they stop? Have they already found some Pakistani connection to this? Wait for a day or two. Some terrorist group will definitely be nailed down. Everyone is glued to the tv. What happened is really sad. It moved me to tears to see the road spilled with blood and the dead bodies. I m angry, sad, traumatized and dont know whom to blame. How long can we play the blame game? Why are we blaming pakistan or any other muslim country? Why cannot we manage our own terrorism. With highest population and the best leaders we dont actually need suggestion from any other country. Because terrorism lies with us. Before blaming pakistan we should look at us. Kar sevaks are the true example of Indian terrorists. Aren't they? And the worst part is we elected them. They are one of our leaders.

After Osama's death there are still many terrorists harbouring in pakistan and some are being born everyday. What US did set an example for the terrorists not to touch them again. Or do they have some other plots? Why cannot we do the same? Even why can't we pressurize UAE to nab down the terrorists for mumbai blast in '93? Why are they walking freely after creating such a massacre in a foreign land? Shouldn't there be some global law for terrorism? And why is Kasab still alive? These questions are definitely answerable but we dont have any. How long do we have to live under fear, trauma and panic?

We have to take care of ourselves. We cannot blame our cops or our leaders. We have to show the love towards our country. We have to be careful. We have to be aware of whom and why we are voting and whats going around ours. We have to be alert. We don't know the name of our local counsellor, MLA or our home minister but we know who Monica lewenski is. How horribly ignorant are we? We are globalised but we dont know the factoids of our own land. what happened to "Mera bharat mahan"? We cannot just shout slogans. Its time to act. We cannot lack in ability and intelligence. India has given birth from famous nobel laurets to the super duper astronauts. We have to exploit our intelligence to curb terrorism. And no mercy should be showered on such heinous crime. Ask the family memebers of the victims. They will have better ideas.

I strongly beleive that whosoever connected to such acts should be given the most scariest death that they can ever think of. Shoot them point blank after proper interrgation and show it on global television. This is so inhumane but the question is "Can a terrorist be called a Human?". Wake up India, dont stay so numb or drugged! Act now before its too late for yet another explosion to happen.

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