Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Pre-party Diet(A must do in this party season)

There's a big fat wedding in this weekend. Your best freind's birthday bash is on next friday. Sister's wedding anneversary is just 10 days to go. How to cope up with all these parties and still remain in shape? You deserve to look your best. Delhi really knows how to party and so do you. So dont stop yourself from gorging those laddus, cocktails or buttery kababs. You actually can eat all and still keep up that sexy figure of yours. Here is the Mantra:

You have to do this diet the day before your party so that you look fabulous on the following day.

1. Paneer fry: Shallow fry the paneer and keep it aside. Add some crushed pepper. The protein present in paneer helps your skin look super fresh. Keep eating this whenever you want to.

2. Brown rice pulao: Boil brown rice and fry chopped red pepper and mix them well. Add very little rock salt. Red Peppers accentuate metabolism and help in burning fat and brown rice keeps your stomach clean with its fibre factor.

3. Veggies: Chop asperagus, Broccolli and Mushrooms. Toss them all with olive oil, peppercorns, garlic and a dash of lime juice. Dont add salt. The taste itself will be divine. You wont feel the need to add salt. It will be a spoiler then.
Asparagus helps you to get rid of bloating up looks.
Broccoli is a natural source of added fibre.
Mushroom has zinc which is vitally important for sound sleep and helps in muscle toning.
Pepper aids digestion

You have to have this salad as dinner, the night before your party. If you are still hungry. You can drink a glass of chilled double toned milk with few drops of vanilla essence in it.

Good night and happy partying! You are bound to get complements. Beleive you!


Amit Anand said...

wow! very nice :)

Pupps said...

I missed your "wowies" here..now you have to try this diet. It so works!