Monday, 25 July 2011

Give me Red! The coolest DTC Bus...A worthy Ride

"I say hello, you fool, I love you, Come on join the Joyride", Roxete is right in their words and tune. The only thing is probably it was not meant for Delhi buses. But who cares?

If Delhi Metro rocks then Delhi bus certainly doesn't rock any less than that. Now the crowd is equidivided between Metro and buses. Or Metro is more crowded? Ahem Ahem! Just go on the road and take a few glimpse on the bus and you will be able to find out the truth. The truth about cats and dogs!

Delhi is slowly bidding gooodbye to the dud non ac buses. More and more DTC AC Buses are brought on the road thinking to deal with Delhi's muggy weather. Thank you Mr Arvinder Singh Lovely, Our hon'ble Transport Minister. You actually proved yourself lovely towards the Entire Delhi mass.

6pm at Andrews Gunj Bus stop. People are waiting for their bus to their way to home. But where is the maddenning jostling crowd? You practically can stretch both of yours arms widely and take a 360 degree turn and still there is space.. No tensed up faces to see. The girl is profusely talking on phone. Auntiji is taking the best bite from the braised corns as if she does not have any hurry to reach anywhere. The Gentleman is smoking a cigarrette peacefully and the boy in white shorts with his tennis racket is changing track in his white ipod. Two begger boys are chasing eachother. And a couple under the bus stop shed  sitting dangrously close to eachother. Is this a place for romance? Or they too are waiting for their romantic bus ride?

The Red bus arrives. No no, There are two infact. One Red and the Green. Their size is same but the looks are slightly different. Peple slowly alight from the buses. No one is shoving anyone nor anyone is shouting like a touter about the bus routes. The seats are full in both the buses and very few standees. Some people are sleeping or have they just kept their eyes closed? Looks like they are drugged to the new their new comfort zone. Why not? Cool air, cooler seats and coolest wheels. Why not...Indulge yourself in this stylish mode of coolest transportation. Just then the girl attends her phone, "Mamma you dont have to send the car to the metro station. I am fine I'll be there in next 20".

P.S: You can buy a Rs 40 daily pass from Delhi Transport Corporation and travel unlimited in its swanky air-conditioned buses. Go to the following link:

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