Sunday, 10 July 2011

Write, Earn, Live....Love!

Mohit always stays home in Motia Khan, close to PaharGunj. Infact he loves to stay in the house. No he is not grounded. He makes a decent income. He doesnt have to listen to his Boss. He doesnt have to even fight with the daily traffic to reach office at 9am. His freinds are jealous and so are you. Isn't it? He sits at home and writes all day with unlimited coffee breaks. He is allowed even for a short afternoon nap. This is amazing.

"Writing is much fun. I can do it all the time", says Neena 36 years old housewife who freelances for a Content writing firm at Safdarjung Enclave. She manages her entire house hold work and keeps in touch with everyone and meets every social commitments. She adds "After my baby was born I needed a home based job and article writing was the most interesting thing I found and I make pretty good money every month. I am certainly blessed."

"Article writing" in India is the hottest job thesedays. It is one of the most sought after career if your have a knack in creating writing. Put this on a search engine and this will result in thousands. Many of its are outsourced to India. But why? Average Indian writers are bubbly, youthful, artristic and more so very colorful. To become a successful content writer in India or anywhere in the world along with good writing skills one has to be good in research and reading. Its like 70% research and 30% own writing. Indian English is considered very purest. Indians can really play with words and they have excellent vocabulary. Who can stop us from flourish? Looks like India has continuos blessings from Laxmiji as long as your output is error free not only from language or grammatical part of it but it should not lack in ambiguous facts and ideas.

Gone is the time when Prime Minister admitted the Indian economy is falling and acute. Financial crisis initiated reforms in lot of industrial sectors. Just then the dramatic entry of BPO services, ITES jobs, Content writing took over and marked a revolution in Indian economy.

India provides tailor made writing solution to the world. its highly picking up. Many SEO services in metros catering to a large number of clientele like yahoo or google. And this goes at par with Content writing. Earlier any online eterpreneour would think about layout and design about his website but now the core importance lies on Content and SEO. "My website website may not be attractive but due it its rich content its appearing in major search engines" says Bala, a young enterpreneur from Mayur Vihar, Phase 2. It makes the business more credible. Our subject experts are fully equipped with their knowledge but to put them into words we need highly professional writers. And then it is superhit.

No its not hyped at all. It is the reality. Indians can make it in every field and its proven. India has managed BPO related work, Medical transcripting and why not atricle writing? We can conclude saying that we have to be conscious and keep SEO in mind. It is definitely not wrong to tell that India is the best place to outsource Content writing. Chak de India!


owais said...

Oh boy... u must find such a job for both of us... i m sure u can match the best writers... and i can do with some afternoon naps... :-D

Pupps said...

Thanks Owais. Now you are inspiring me really. Lets see if we can do it. I ll keep you posted.