Monday, 20 June 2011

"Shaitan" of Mumbai hits Delhi; A Preview

A Bunch of college students on Delhi Metro are deciding on which movie to go for. Finally they agreed on "Shaitan" and alight at the Saket station. I am so happy. Finally I have some bubbly company at the Cinema. The feeling is so uplifting. But you will have a different picture of the youth when you watch it in the silver screen.

Shaitan tells the story of five youngsters from the upper strata of Mumbai. They are young, loaded and free on the road of speed driving in an expensive Hummer. And yes coccaine. The new addition in drugs scene. But soon they realise that they are in a delusive track. Good times dont last forever. They get themselve into a terrible crime and to cover this up they raise ransom by pretending to abduct their new cool buddy "Amy" played by Kalki Koechlin.

Shaitan reflects the dark sides of the teenagers of any Metro city. They are aggresive, cruel, edgy, sexual and definitely selfish. They narrate the "uber cool" factor and they know no boundaries and live life to the fullest with maximum excitement. Wild Mumbai and so are their children of New Gen.

The set up is awesome. It makes you feel as if you are watching an eclectic Jamie Blanks' flick set in hollywood. Hollywood and bollywood are both spelled in same breathe. So look out for suspense, fun, harsh reality,  lots of tension, some spine chilling and some "heart in your mouth" scene for 2 and half hours.

The best part is there are no main particular protagonists rulling in this film. There are no heroes or heroines. Everyone leaves their best impressions. No romantic songs in this movie yet the sountrack is awesome.

Rajeev Khandelwal plays the cop who chases the youngsters and finally nails them down has definitely focussed performance. Kalki's expression and her acting is definitely talked about. Above all everyone makes their presence felt in their acting throughout.

It is a must watch flick for you. In the matter of fact, it's a manifestation of what's happening around us in today's India. So get Real. You dont get to see much genre like this in bollywood cinamatic mileu so its definitely worth one watch.

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