Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Koffee with Karan. Grand End of Season 3(Delhi's most talked about show amongst the youth)

(This one was written 3 months back)

Koffee with Karan concluded its season 3 with huge success and TRP counts. Indeed why not? When the whole A listed bollywood stars indulge in a spectacular chatty session with the wittiest host Karan Johar it has to be talked about . Season 3 saw more number of the bollywood debutants this time which was not the case in the last seasons. They all gave us a good laugh, good time and ofcourse a view to their personal life to some extent while they dished out their dirt darting on a national tv. How daring! It was fun. It's the kind of show you just watch and feel happy about it and then forget and go to sleep but again discuss the same on the very next day at work.

Karan is an excellent host for a chat show. No comparison to the super famous westerners. But he has his way to go buttery, fluttery with the guests and take out some craziest, wackiest answers from their mouth. Or they are just willing to give it all. The Bollywood's pinup hunk John Abraham says he is not good in bed becuase he loves to break bed. Saving the private comments whlist Ranveer Singh declared that Anushka has ushered him from a child to a boy. Direct questions and too much detailing answers make the entire show very saucy and make you glued to the tv for  1 hour. Or should it last more than that?

A sneak peek to the boring side of the show. Yes at times it feels very shallow and childish to hear the questions or even the expressions. Karan flatters the guests more than he throws questions to them. He complimented Aisharya Rai in the show for atleast 50 times that she is the most beautiful woman in the world. And she giggled like a child  each time at 37 years of age. At times it shows that Karan just likes the gossip and the look-good factor of the bollywood fraternities. Thats all. He does not care about the answers.

Turn to its dressy side. No wonder everyone had a super star effect. Karan is impeccable with a dapper don look with his awesomely stitched suits in every episodes. Come on he has to look the best. He is the anchor. Kareena looked the best and very different than others. Others looked like clones practically. Almost everyone wore off shoulder dresses. Best dressed male guest had to be definitely Hrithik Roshan with his button down pink shirt  and his slim fit Armani jacket. He was definitely a stunner.
One after one shocking answers were relentlessly coming on way as Rani chose Sanjay over Karan for her best film directors. Aisharya Rai sheepishly confessed that Kareena is a better actor than Priyanka Chopra. Vidya Balan was really upset by the comments of her fans on her dressing sense. But Rapid Round brought the best shockers and most secret revalations. Saif played the best describing himself  as "reliable, strong and very long"" leaving Kareena totally awed in the show. You will not get such answers from any shows others than sipping Koffee with Karan. Hot coffee and hottest chat. What a combo.

Season 3 was definitely entertaining, interesting and lot of fun. But it left us with some trivia. Why do all the A listers come to his show? Why are the guests same in every season? Why is every guest mad about getting the hamper which just contains the coffee, cookies, chocolate(not imported), an Ipad and a blackberry torch phone. Probably Karan will not leave us haunted with these in season 4. We hope not.

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