Tuesday, 7 June 2011


"No pain No gain"....it was something like this what Lina's top read when she was spotted in an elite, hip happening water hole of GK2. She appeared very different clad in leather corset, tight rugged denim, a pair thigh high black boots and a huge  strappy watch on her right hand wrist. You are mistaken she wasn't sporting a look "rockchick" look, she actually wore a s&m suit. The only thing missing was a whip in her hand. Probably she tried to carry it but the club rules may have stopped her from doing so. Many people these days try this new(not really, scientists compiled the case studies in 1886 ) tryst of enjoyment. The concept refers to gratification from receiving the infliction of pain or humiliation between two consensual partners.

26 years old Jess says "I love to beat up my boyfriend and he quite enjoys it". WOW, this sounds quite similar when Sarika said "Love or hate? Well, you can hate me. I like that way". Is it really fun? It must be. You have to try it to like it. "We were so bored doing stuff in conventional way and our life literally sucked till the time my husband returned from Argentina and introduced me to this new act. It spiced up our life and its so distressing", says Ravina(name withheld on request).

Remember the scene from Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna in which Rani Mukherjee goes to a S&M store in Newyork to buy her Masochist outfits to surprise Abhishekh Bacchan. So its slowly making its entry to the lives of Indians.

S&M accessories are hitting up the stores in Delhi too. We are not really lagging behind. If its not New york then its New Delhi. Most upmarket Lingerie  shops keep such stuff and they are pretty fast moving. Such shops can be spotted in Defence colony, Khan Market, Saket etc. "We face huge demands from clients starting from Nailed boots to sexy handcuffs", Says the shop owner who frequently visits western countries just to stock up his store.

Surprisingly not much people know what s&m is but they very much practise it. What's in a name? However no hindi translation has been found to this terminology. Come on its India and things take time to come into the light. Suddenly my phone rings,
"Hey I'm traveling to Amsterdam, do you still fancy that Isey Miyake perfume? I can get that for you" Ravi says, my very close friend.
I take a long pause. Then I speak up.
"Get me a pirate eye cap and a cowboy whip".
OMG what did I just say!

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