Thursday, 9 June 2011

Cool Delhi Heat.....Beat it with a grin!

Summer at its peak. You are hallucinated with the intense heat. You are sitting in the ac car but still feel the heat. Looking out from the glassy window from the office leaves you sweaty even if the temperature is controlled inside. You are the king. You are luxurious and priviledged. lets take a look at the outer world. Yes our Delhites are still chilling and enjoying the summer with or without the option to remain frozen in Airconditioned envioronment. Yes this is a secret about this walled city. It definitely offers pleasant places in this mad balmy weather.

Lodi Garden: One of the biggest landmark in Delhi and known for its aesthetic upkeep and the tombs inside sarrounded by plush green neighbourhood. Take a heritage walk or relax on those wooden benches. You will see many like you resting and relaxing. Looking at some pretty faces will uplift you. You are away from your jostling city and retaliating is fun in this situation.  I assure you won't feel much of Delhi heat in the midst of greenery and the brooks and the cool people around. Enjoy the moment.

India Gate: It may be difficult to schelp all the way to India Gate in this heat but when you reach your body heat will melt. It is hot for sure. but take a look at the water park and join boating. Looking at the breathtaking India Gate from your boat will give you some cool effect. And you will enjoy every bit of it. Beleive you!

Netaji Subhash Park: By this time you have crossed a number of lanes and streets and you may be tired and want to really relax and unwind. Dont push things to hard in this summer. Its a quiet afternoon. Just step inside this park and settle yourself in a bench under some cool tree. See who approaches you! A turban wearing guy would like to whisper in your ear with his magic wand. Yes the ear cleaner. Its really an amazing experience. Take a look around and you might see some foreigners are getting the same done. He opens his treasure box and takes out lots of pins, needles and nice aromatherapy oil. He loves to chat and he might share some real Delhi secrets which you have never heard. You are assured that you will start hearing things much better than ever before. Try it.

Red Ford: A worldly monument. It does not need its introduction. There is no fan inside but its cool, really cool. Hundreds of tourists are walking around, watching the architechture. Try talking to the walls. They talk to you. Its a really nice break in this heaty afternoon. You will definitely enjoy it.

You come out and see the sun down in bustling crowd of chandni chowk. Finally sun hides behind the Red Ford. You feel the air is much cooler. With some real cool memories you plunge inside the sea of crowd. Beating Delhi heat in this maddenning afternoon was definitely an experience! Wasn't it? OMG!

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