Sunday, 12 June 2011

Archived Fashion: Bring it on!

Going down the memory lane you might just want to pick up some quintessential Gregory Peck Hat of 1950s to show up  bit differently at your friends' get together. A button down shirt from 1970's is so awesome. Or you might just want those frilled dresses of Dimple Kapadia from Sagar. The head band of Parveen Babi from Shaan is just another great gear which you want to keep in your closet. But where will you go to find one? Finally you have to count on your neighborhood tailor or plead your designer friend to stich one for you if you are lucky. You have to look the best in the Retro Party.

Vintage clothes are such a rarity in Delhi and there is practically no shop exclusively for vintage clothes. You can find a bit of this and that from many places as there is not much choice. Marks n Spencer keeps some nice cuts of 1960s and 70s at their stores, not many though. You can find some crazy vintage accessories at Miss Jo. That too a handful. Levis has stocked up some denims from previous decades. Not much to choose from a wide range because there is no wide range.

"I wanted to buy a pair of Breeches like those you saw in 1960's cowboy movies but I didnt find any store in Delhi. I searched almost everywhere. Finally I got it stiched from the very famous Gypsy Tailor", says Manav a very fashion conscious guy and a naty dresser too.

Vintage style gives you a complete make over and stands you out in the crowd.You look so sleek and elegant. Delhi certainly needs a speciality store. The fashionable population is huge in Delhi and ints multiplying everyday so we actually need some chain of stores. Every major International city has vintage clothing stores. There are plenty in London for instance. Then why not one in Delhi? Delhi is flocking with tallented designers but again there is no particular designer who sells only vintage clothes. Get inspired. Create a line. The need is something which is typically a hangover from Victorian age. Lets bring the previous decades back in Delhi.

"Old is Gold" and this statement applies to many. From wine, to furnitures...why not clothing? Keeping the parity of  the varities of contemporary style Vintage clothing will definitely make a good come back. So lets wait and welcome  the oldies. Come back Audrey hepburn, Dev Anand, Clint Estood, Rita Hayword....and many more fashion divas. The list is too big to fit in. Delhi wants you and we are waiting!

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