Monday, 23 April 2012

Just Before Delhi Morning

The great Banyan tree in Lodi garden is probably starting to get ready to make its food through photosynthesis and that needs a bit of Sun which will be up in Delhi sky in next one hour. News Paper boys are squeaking in their cycles to pick up their daily stock near Moolchand flyover under the neon lights. No one comes to the Paratha Wala after 1am. But there's always a tea stall which disappers in the day. But his business is at peak now with many people around his stall asking for tea after tea and cigarrettes. His night clients are mostly cab drivers, Autowala, students, watchmen, policewala and sex workers both men and women.

The faint crickety sound of the unknown insects is surely attracting the frogs to mate. From frogs to dogs and to human, everyone loves early morning sex. Thousands of Delhiites are making out by now. The sex worker waiting at the Saidq Nagar crossing may be heading home now or taking a chance to cater her last client. The watchmen are sleepy and nonresponsive to the cars coming in and going out from the respective gates. The street dog is curling up and tiwtching his ears and making sure no outsiders are tresspassing in his area. Some nice soul has been generous to him by offering a tiny mattress. Thats his bed. He gets back to his bed again.

The quiet of the Delhi morning ensures such peace and tranquility everywhere with very few number of speeding cars on the road and almost no one seen on the road giving a soundless, desolate look. Except there is a huge queue at the CNG Gas station. Array of Autos, Santro cars and Taxis are waiting for their fill to start their day. The earlier the better. A little girl glances out of the car window. She cant hide the excitement to head on the highway with her parents after this fill. Happy Holidays!

The lights are on in some houses. Some are not saving electricity and some maybe getting ready for a walk or work. Too early for a morning walk now. But here's an old man out with his fat Alsatian. Surely he is out becuase he does not want his dog to create any nuisance in his house. And he wont pick up or clean up his dog dropping. Lucky he is in Delhi. Everyone loves Delhi and Delhi morning. And its the time. The birds started chirping now. Plethora of excitements in their voice and wings. Perfect timing. New lease of life begins with a brand new day. See something beyond the horizon. Faint light appears in the sky. The sky wears a pale white layer now just before the sun rise. Hail the Sun! Wake up Delhi, Good Morning!

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