Thursday, 12 April 2012

Dior Delhi

(Text by Pupps Roy and photo taken from Google Images)

I love Dior. I cant afford it in my shopping list. Rather I dont have much Dior except one purfume called "Higher" which was a gift and a satin Dior Bathrobe which was again a gift from an extremely rich friend. And yes I bought a Dior makeup brush from Singapore Duty free. Its not that I dont have money to buy it. But again that would be such an extremely reckless and thoughtsome idea for me to buy something which is really pricy. Therefore when I see a Dior knockoff I look at it more than hundred times and I buy it after examining the authenticity of that Dior. The closer the better. And you dont have to go to Bangkok or any China town to buy a good knock off. You get it all in Delhi. I love Delhi and I love Dior. Somewhere Delhi and Dior has a connection. They both are classic. Finally finding Dior in the walled city was not that difficult. Off Chandni Chawk, next to a broken, tattered old house more than 200 years was my stop. Sooty walls, Noisy fan and a poor muslim seamstress stiching leather bags day in and day out with Dior perfection. Dire Dior state. He wears a half smile and it speaks so much. I feel like writing "Hidden Chronicles Seamstress' Chamber" after observing the whole thing. The owner takes out a leather bag which can be carried in office as well as outdoor normally. Sort of a sling bag. Looks classy with a "D" dangling out. Everything was perfect. It even has an authenticity code stamped on the back of the label. WoW, these guys rock! I love you. It comes nearly for $25.  Its a deal and ofcourse its a steal. So I go for it. I m a Dior Diva now. I am well dressed, have good sense of fashion and well spoken so no one will doubt about the authenticity of the bag. Who cares? Afterall it looks so fucking smart. Delhi is not full of Dior experts. I wont be arrested by fashion Police. I also bought a knockoff Dior neckless from a fashion jewelery store in some Noida Mall. It looks very close to authentic. But its not a daily wear. The shopkeeper was honest. He said the color would go off quickly in daily use. It is a platinum piece. Atleast it looks like. I feel proud and my confidence level is sky high now. I also bought a Dior keychain. I use it for my office drawer. None of my office mates have Dior Key chain. It does not look cool at all but it looks so classy and elegant and very very close to real. Except the time when I pass by the crowded place like Cannaught Place on a crazy Sunday or walk by the narrow gullies of Hauz Khas Village and some Heroine addict stares at my purse and accessories thinking they are all real.....I walk past by them quickly before it all sets me up to get mugged.

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how very devil wears dior of you