Monday, 2 April 2012

Rain On Me CP oh CP!

The Capital falls. Roads caved in, trees uprooted by wind, Yamuna River is crying over lands massacring homes and colonies, Broken barrage, blah blah blah. Watch the news on TV and Newspaper and stick in your four post beds. Bunk your office and Smell the wet earth. Welcome to a rainy day, gets a little drastic and wild for a  change. Blame it to Global warming. Anyway Wet games are always interesting. Isn't it? All bollywood blockbusters have at least one or two songs in the "Barish"

I am loony or whatever. I am on my white billabong shorts, carrying a Janpath jhola and enjoying the walk on the grassy carpet of Palika Park barefooted and entering the heart of CP avoiding the debris and rubbles of Un-Common wealth Game. It’s nearly a horror show here but CP never loses its charm. Let’s see where the Georgian architecture evolves to! A facelift! Run amok with it. Raging Rain and reigning CP.

All shiny, happy people around. Limitation of life is sky high and it breaks in to us with Rain. A time to celebrate. Street kids are playing in the puddle splashing water at each other; Other two rich kids are watching them from the shed. I check my cell phone is safe in the plastic packet inside my pocket while the girl just passed by talking to her loved one without caring about her cell phone getting wet. Wet game again. We love it all. The mad homeless man is making his last drinks from his small quarter whiskey bottle. Someone is ushering the evening. I take a break for my "chai".

It’s raining relentlessly. Clock is ticking 10. All shops are closed. Some people are waiting beneath the sheds and still hoping that the rain would stop and they would walk away to their respective bus/auto stands or some may like to walk it all the way like me. Back in the service lane the dhaba is serving their last customers and two child labors are cleaning the utensils under the roadside tap abusing Delhi slangs happily to each other. Prostitutes have gone home with or without their customers. Not much traffic in the inner circle and the Parking lots are almost empty. Delhi Police Van is unmoved in the corner and the Policemen seem to be enjoying rain from the van. Two drunken men are bargaining with the auto driver in front of Keventers. They are shutting too. One happy couple is dangerously close to each other behind the pillar. I walk towards the cigarette kiosk around the corner of C block. I take a puff. Oh what a feeling! Cigarettes taste better with the weather I guess. Walking towards the PVR CP. here the party seems to have started. All lit up and many party people around. I could hear music stream as each one is opening the door of "Knight/Castle" to make an entry. How do people party on Mondays? Blame it to spoiled Delhi. Lonely homosexuals are waiting outside the clubs to gain entry by hook or crook at any cost. Two foreigners seem to have lost their ways and asking for direction while the Pan stalls outside Odeon are doing excellent business on the other side. The bikers are skeeing around ther road strutting their riding gears.

The squeaky, slippery Cannaught place looks prettier in the pouring Rain. I am in love with it. I turn around, store all the memory and head on. It starts raining heavily! Oh shit, not again....I spread my umbrella!

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