Monday, 16 April 2012

99% Delhi: Atish Patel: London Town

He goes through the entire menu in exactly five seconds and he knows what to order. "One cold cappuccino please?” This London born Gujrati man has been living in Delhi for little more than a year in the plush colony of GK1. Why Delhi? Why not other city? And why not London? He doesn’t take any time to answer. He thinks that Delhi is at par like an international city. "I am a city boy you know. I grew up in London all my life. I can't stay in rural Gujrat where my relatives are living now. My roots are in India. My job brought me here in Delhi and I was so excited." says in thick London accent. He is carrying a 550D cannon Camera where he captured a lot of Delhi.

Clad in H&M,Gap and inConverse  shoeshe believes in Street Culture. He loves graffiti, painting, street food and talking to locals. "I miss Vada Pao in Mumbai but you have other great street food in Delhi. I love North Indian Food, Delhi Kababs and other Moghul Foods but I really dislike south Indian food". This Londoner is now a Delhiite. He travels in Rickshaw, goes to old Delhi, hangs out in the gullies of Hauz Khas Village and also enjoys Kawalis in Nizammudin as well as the Jazz Festival in Nehru Park. "Down the line 10 years Delhi will be like New York, London or Paris but they can’t be like Delhi because there is nothing like Old Delhi there." In addition he says that he wants to go to Ghaziabad. He wants to see the real expansion of Delhi.

Having lived in GK1 for more than a year he hates to associate himself with the riches. He neither likes to dress up everyday which is very unlike of a Londoner. He can do it once a year maximum. He hates showing off. "I connect better with the Rickshawalas, locals sitting next to me in the cafe, People in the park, drivers, maids and lower class people. Middle class or upper class people bore me a lot, especially those class conscious people and there are many like that in Delhi like any other city.” But he does not prefer to stay in Delhi for long. He is here as long as his job keeps him here. "I have no post retirement plans in Delhi. It’s like a short passing period of my life. But no long term plans". Prior to Delhi he lived in Moscow for a short time. He loves good looking Russian girls like those typical upper class Delhi boys. Besides he loves the sense of humour of those Moscow girls which he thinks is missing amongst Delhi girls. Maybe he has not met the right kind of Dilliwali.

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