Monday, 16 April 2012

99% Delhi: Ganesh Chauhan: Aligarh

He takes the Violet line Metro at 1.30pm everyday from Sarita Vihar for his work place except on Saturday. Thats his off day. He lounges the whole day in his home and roams around in and out of Sarita Vihar with his best friend "Bonda" and his best friend's girl friend. This jolly UPiite is now a hardcore Delhiite. Having spent his childhood in the small town of Aligarh he doesnt regret his movement to Delhi. "Small place, small minds, people interfering too much and their mindset is totally different than that of here. Even my father didnt want to remain in the small boundaries of Aligarh", says Ganesh. He adds to it "Everyone wanted to come to Delhi those days but now things are changing. We sold off everything and moved in to Delhi. I love Delhi. This is my home now. If anyone is ready to pay me 10000 rs for a month's salary in Aligarh I wouldnt even move there."

He is lifting huge weights and teaching a chap next to him the whole wieght lifting process. Ganesh Chauhan is a fitness trainer in a luxury gym based out in East of Kailash. He never thought in his weirdest dream that he would end up being a fitness trainer in a trendy Gym hailing from a place like Aligarh. "I love my work, family, my long sleep hours and my routined life in Delhi".  He works till 10pm everyday and then he takes the Metro back to his house from "Kailsh Colony" Metro station. "Delhi is so vast I wasnt able to explore whole of it in last 6 years". His looks above and his eyes smiled as he goes few years back. "Delhi seemed wonderful with Sanjana, the girl I fell in love with. I cannot forget those days when Bonda and I used to come from Sarita Vihar to Nehru place to pick her up from school and used to go back together and run errand here and there in Sarita Vihar just to be with her. Now she is not there in my life so I hang out with Bonda and his girlfriend". Ganesh stands up from the Bench Press chair. "She was from Bihar so my father did not agree. My father left his mind at Aligarh".

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