Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Night by Delhi

The sun sets down in the Central Park in Connaught place. Birds stopped chirping. They go to sleep and Delhi wakes up for the second time in the day. Isn't night a part of the day? Jostling crowd in Connaught place reminds us that. People are going back home from office. Prostitutes are out for business, Couples moving in and out from Central Park and hawkers are giving their last shout to sell whatever they are left with at the fag end of the day. The beggar or the homeless is peacefully smoking his joint in the corner without caring the world. You should capture all these in your camera. Daily city life with a difference found only in Delhi.

Welcome to Verma family at Kamlanagar. Mr Verma is on the way to home. Mrs Verma is on the phone with her sister. Neha is studying and texting her boyfriend from her mobile at the same time. Everyone is busy. Her brother has just come from tennis lesson and grabbing a quick snack before he settles in front of the TV. And I'm watching all of them sitting in their living room. Nothing interesting. I move out and take a walk towards Sadar Bazar.

Here its still day time. Traffic jam, mad rush, people shouting, rickshawalas fighting for space to pull along....the entire hustling bustling is its signature. I pull myself in the maddening crowd and oh my God, what a sight! Foreigners would love to talk about it. India is so dirty, this and that. A foreigner guy slipped on cow dung. Immediately a hawker and 2 locals came to rescue him. I stood and watched. Their conversation is barely audible. The foreigner straightened himself up. Now that the hawker lost few minutes of his business time, he is trying to convince the foreigner to sell his stuff. The foreigner is totally speechless and disgusted. I take a look around. The street hawker is selling all toys for 50rs each. Beside him some Holi colors and holi guns are spread out on a white sheet. You have to bargain. And you can't look away because the deals are quite attractive.

I feel hungry but not much. I crave for something sweet. I have a humungous sweet tooth and it asks for more after every meal or whenever I pass by a bakery or some sweet shop. I check into Madan sweets. A typical Punjabi-owned mithai shop. There's a huge photo of their forefather or the original deceased shop owner nicely adorned with an artifical garland. Someone had to carry forward the legacy. I look out for something which I have never eaten before. Yes I found some. Mango Barfi and Badam Pinni. Thats their specialty. Yummy.

Cool breeze asking me to stay out for more. I hear Abeeda Parveen playing in  Humayun's tomb tonight in some Sufi Concert. I have no ticket. My influential friends could not help me this time to my last minute's call. South Delhi brimming with disposable income has lot to offer and it has a whole new kinetic night life. There are around 180 bars in the area. It’s no longer a snake charmer's city. I stride into the most talked about "Urban Pind" in GK1 N block Market. No they did not ask for any entry fee. May be it’s a week day or do I look like some kind of a star? The latter sounds perfect. This tall nightclub has 3 floors including a glass atrium and colorful fluorescent walls depicting the super erotic sculptures of Khajuraho. I walk up to the top floor in the terrace. The crowd is creamer here. People flashing their Dolce n Gabbanas and Fendis. Some of them are loud fake. Mostly are drinking wine and rest are drinking imported beer. They are swaying to the music and air kissing eachother. Fantastic socialising scene of upscale South Delhi. I passive smoke and drink a glass of tap beer. Delhi looks so like Newyork from here. High rises twinkling in the night, starry sky and occasional fire works filling the sky. Someone is getting married somewhere.

 Tired Delhi, busy Delhi, happy Delhi and drunk delhi. I am sort of done now with the delhiness of Delhi. I take out a "chillar" for the old beggar hiding between a Mercedes and a Maruti 800. I don’t care if he buys bun bread or some weed for his dinner. I am totally done with this heady night or day...whatever!!

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