Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Laugh Delhi!

Woman: What is Delhi?
Man: Bitch, its the Capital of India!

Man 1: Delhi a city of call centers and snake charmers.
Man 2: Bastard, it is a huge city that is too diversified for you too generalise the whole of it.

Delhi is Where every US or UK company outsources their jobs to.
"Thank you for calling Dell, please hold for a while and we transfer you to a customer service executive."

Man 1: Wow. That girl is so smart.
Man 2: Must be some sweet Punjabi from Delhi.

Hey I got arrested for kissing in old Delhi.
Hey I need to take a pee. Go do it on the streets.

A city where people will work for $1.00 an hour a job where an american won't do it for $10.00
Cool Dude #1:"Man, all those bastards from Delhi Call centres are stealing all our jobs!"
Cool Dude #2:"There's always McDonalds and KFC"

Some guy: You know Patrick's deli? Wasn't it here?
Other guy: Yeah! He just sold out to some Indian named Rakesh and now they named it The New Delhi Deli.

Dude 1#: Let's go to Chandni Chawk and raom around old Delhi, and gorge on some cheap food and parathas.
Dude 2#: No, dude, let's be Dilli and sip some King Fisher.

Dilip: Hey, I just passed out from College, and I'm moving to this place in Noida. Man, am I still going to be a Delhiite?
Delhiite from Delhi: Yeah dood, chill, you're so cool :)

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