Friday, 16 March 2012


I want to go horse riding at India Gate with Dr Manmohan singh and discuss the current predicament of Indian Politics. Anna Hazare would be pleading me to ask him to pass his "lok pal" Bill. I will run amok with it. I won't listen. I want to see the color of corruption. I want to play uncommon wealth games with Kalmadi and test his vigour which he gained out of looting hundreds of crores. I won’t stop here. I feel for my India. I want to go to Boston to visit Yuvraj singh and discuss about Delhi restaurants and how madly badly his delhi fans are missing him in the ground. And he won’t be surprised to know that Amisha Patel is doing an item number. He probably knows it by now. If he hits the ground in May I will probably take a hike all the way to Vaishnodevi. Jammu and Kashmir are not far from eachother. I want to meet local people in Kashmir to make sure that Omar Abdullah has given a corruption free governance which he vowed. Let me travel in a curfew jeep to Baramulla and Muzaffarabad to see that the Kashmiri Pandits are still living there happily. I really want to see if "Kashmir is not an integral part of India or its just historical", contrary to what Ms Arundhati Roy preached. I feign to believe that Kashmir was a land of Hindu before Muslim invasion. Taking a plunge from the snowhill to the Southie water will bring some vast change in the scene. I want to compare the hotness of Vidya Balan and Silk Smitha and bring it in a platter to the ministers in the Parliament who were watching pornographic clips during an assembly and shamelessly ask them whom did they actually fantasize. I wish Adolf Hitler still ruled and sent those so called rulers to some nazi extermination camp. The love hate relationship of Narendra Modi and the mass doesn’t haunt me anymore because they both are right to my views. It’s difficult to keep everyone happy. But Gujrat has substantially improved a lot in past 10 years. This says it all. My undue weight related to these controversies will not burn any hair but at least my friends will have a good laugh to my ideas and intelligence that have been brought together in a potluck and this might just make them sit up and think for a while about the whole gist of it. I am not indiphobic nor am asking for a total corrupt free India. It’s not so easy. Rome wasn't built in a day. Let’s just cleanse it. As much as we possibly could. A group of correct young leaders and a strong support towards a positive nation is all we need. Seriously it won’t take much time!

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