Sunday, 11 March 2012

Delhi do's!

New to Delhi? Mind these things if you are a foreigner. Call it a culture shock or some kind of valued information that I'm passing on:

1. Some airport gates actually dont lead anywhere or to a blank wall so please take assistance from the security/police person for direction. They are everywhere in the airport.

2. Auto rickshaw drivers say no to change. He will only give you change if you refuse to pay the entire amount. He will somehow find change and give you.

3. Not much Delhi girls show off their legs. But you have other things to look at.

4. Taxi or Rickshaw drivers charge almost double or little less than double after 10pm. But you can bargain.

5. Keep this telephone number handy for any help or information: 011-22222222.

6. Public toilets are dirty and not everywhere there is an option for the ladies. In the time of need just get into fancy restaurant for the purpose.

7. Delhiites speak clear English and sometimes way better than the ones whose native language is English.

8. Don’t carry much money with you if you are just out for sightseeing or knick-knack shopping. Also carry a Xerox copy of your passport details and the hotel visiting card.

9. Some Indian men hold hands in the streets and also keep hands across each other's shoulders while they are not necessarily gays.

10. Monuments and tombs are not to miss at all. They are quite significant to the history of building Delhi.

11. Crossing street could be a challenge so dont try it if you are not comfortable. Rather take the underpass or foot bridge or walk to the next Red light.

12. Many beggars on the Delhi road, specially at the red lights. You can either look away or just smile at them. Showing anger will persuade the beggar for more.

13. A normal Delhiite will begin a conversation about your job history and qualification and maybe your salary. You can deny answering or just ask the same questions in return. It will be funny.

14. Don’t eat street food. There are many clean, inexpensive eateries around.

15. Delhi bus rides are good and people are definitely helpful. They might like to take pictures with you.

16. You must watch a superhit bollywood movies. Its full of dancing and singing.

17. Delhiites will respect you more if you are from US or UK. They generally don’t know much about other countries.

18. Delhi is an expensive city. But you can find a meal from 20rs to 2000rs or even much more than that.

19. Indian lavatory looks funny. But it has lot of good scientific aspects that are proven.

20. You can go to a cheap cafe and hang out with the locals. Its going to be a lot of fun.

21. Tipping is customary. Assure the waitor a good tip before serving and see the magic.

22. Delhi has the Asia's biggest wholesale electronic market called "Nehru Place". It does not come under the sightseeing spot. But its a must see. You can buy an apple software installation package which includes everything for as low as $8.

23. Don’t judge the entire delhi by the ghettoing area of PaharGunj which is the hub of all backpackers. Some Delhi properties are way more expensive than Manhattan.

24.  You must eat Butter Chicken in Delhi. Its amazing and available in every restaurant.

25. If you stay in Delhi for long its going to be addictive. Believe you!

Some useful information for foreigners
Railway Assistance:
International Tourist Bureau
(for Train Reservation & Indrail Passes)
1st floor, New Delhi Railway Station Paharganj side
Timing : 9.30 am to 6.00 pm
International & Domestic air Ticketing :
Delhi Tourism
N-36, Bombay Life Building,
Middle Circle, C.P., New Delhi - 110001
Timing : 9.30 am to 6.00 pm
For Extension of Visa :
The foreigner's Regional Registration Office (F.R.R.O.)
Hans Bhawan, Tilak Bridge, New Delhi
Timing : 9.30 am to 1.30 pm; 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm
Permits for Restricted Areas :
Ministry of Home Affairs,
Lok Nayak Bhawan, opp. Khan Market, New Delhi
(Monday to Friday Timing : 10 am to 5 pm)
Money Exchange :
(Beyond Bank Hours)
i) State Bank of India, I. G. I. Airport, 24 hours
ii) Central Bank of India, Ashok Hotel, 24 hours
iii) Delhi Tourism, N-36 Bombay Life Building, Middle Circle, C.P. New Delhi - 110001
(Monday to Saturday) Timings : 9.30 am to 6.00 pm

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