Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Shop, Eat, Love @ Sarojini Nagar

(Text and Photography by Pupps Roy)
Delhi's "fashion street" runs parallel in few lanes and it’s by lanes in
the heart of its South Eastern side. Delhi's millionaires and Rickshawalas
are shopping together for their dream clothes. Welcome to Sarojini Nagar
Market, SN or Saro. Those who are highly fashionable and really don’t care
about the price tag and the longevity of your clothes. This is your place.
So fill up your swag and look your best.

This is totally a fatal attraction for the shoppers. Designer rejects,
accessories, knock offs, stockings, Hats, Boots, frocks, skirts, tops and
what not! Dress to kill and you find all that here with a great bargain.
But you have to be superb at it. If not, watch others buying and
bargaining. You will learn it in 5 minutes. You can buy a Mango top for
100 and Tommy jeans for 200rs. They look close to original or maybe they
are. Be lucky and look good while spending the least. Magic of shopping
here will turn you into a shopaholic. And why not? India's famous have
shopped here. Sushmita Sen shopped for her Miss India outfit at Delhi's
Sarojini Nagar. Sylvie is often seen here with her whole entourage on a
shopping spree. The amount of clothes and its varieties are really mind

Sarojini Nagar has many things to offer other than clothes. Fresh fruits,
seasonal fruits, house hold stuff etc. If you don’t need clothes you can
buy other stuff as well. Or you can buy everything here. Sip a glass of
chilled bunta drink or gorge on some yummy spicy tibetian momos while
shopping. So let yourself loose and shop, eat, live here. By the end of it
after your careful searching and picking you will have hauled a decent
number of stuff to flaunt.

Look at that corner. The old man is selling shorts for 50 each. Some of
them have "Billabong" and "Allen Solly" tags. Turn around and see all T-
shirts are for 100 piled on the wobbly table. Just pick the right one,
check for missing stitches, stains and its all yours. The English lad
shopping here compares this market to that of their "Camden Market" in
London. Not only British, you will find people from different countries
including Africa and Iceland. And everyone has a bit of their share here
because it sells all styles and in all sizes which is a rarity in Delhi.
From huge Africans to skinny Europeans, everyone has a happy ending here.
Fashion never dies here. Everyone comes here and you should too.

Zara Tank Tops..ooooh

WoW Gas shirts are for 100.
Sale Sale Sale everywhere

Lets take a break and eat something.

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