Monday, 11 June 2012

Greenest, Quietest and Richest: Nizamuddin East

Out in the morning heat of early June. Not very far, just errands to an area of the riches of Delhi. Nizamuddin East. Like the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York this area too is priciest and remains the residential area of the very important people in Delhi. It falls on the famous Mathura Road.  Many Delhi Transport buses ply through this area. It is considered to be one of New Delhi's greenest and most peaceful area. And why not? The whole Nizamuddin East has 32 public parks and the huge lay of Humayun Tomb. The view to the tomb is breathtaking. Most houses in A and B block can view Humayun Tomb from their Patio or Balcony. And every house terrace can have a view of the historical tomb. The privilege is they can visit the tomb without buying any ticket. And the whole greenery and the peacefulness reduce the temperature. It feels like its 5 degrees cooler than the outer world. Almost every house has plantations around the wall or in their balcony and have a park facing view.

Your Mother lives here. Yes Sheila Dixit, The hon'ble chief minister of Delhi has her residence here and also many important people of the society share this neighborhood such as Jatin Das and his daughter, actor Nandita Das, Francis Wacziarg  of the Neemrana Hotels chain, Anjolie Ela Menon and many more.

There is a narrow market strip at the backside of B block. It has grocery stores, Drycleaners, an upscale Cafe "Cafe Turtle" and also a factory outlet of an Ethnic Designer Store called "Anokhi". But mostly the residents of this area go to Khan Market for their daily shopping which is 5 minutes drive away. This area is huge but you would love to walk in its quiet tranquility and its stunning unperturbed beauty. No neighborhood of Delhi has such huge greenery like this.

You cannot buy any house here because no one wants to sell even if you want to spend a fortune. A normal two bedroom apartment will cost you 1 Lac or above as a monthly rent. This prestigious colony has few serviced apartments and bed and breakfasts. They charge little less than "Taj Hotels" per day approximately. Live life king-size or in a Queenly state or estate? Come over here.

(Text and Photography by Pupps Roy)

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