Thursday, 7 June 2012

Just another Park: Keshav Park

Another ignored park in this Capital. But I'm sold to its randomness, its busy patrons, the earthy smell, the large stunning fountain and its location midst of a hustle-bustle of a famous market. Step into Keshav Park at the backyard of Sarojini Nagar Market infront of its Parking lot. You have surely seen it if not just have walked in anytime. This park does not have any benchmark and cannot be compared to the famous ones like Lodi Garden or Palika Parking Park. But it still has its own distinctions. The reason it has its own regulars.

 There is a big statue of Dr Keshav Ambedkar next to the Fountain. People are idling on the steps around the statue with the neighborhood dog and there's a mad man sitting with Namaskar(Palms pressed together) pose towards the statue. He can be mistaken as a statue. Ignore him.

Bad maintenance, missing grass in-between, overgrown weeds and litters everywhere. No joggers or walkers here yet all the benches are occupied in this muggy weather. Its 4pm here. A middle aged couple is resting here in-between their shopping in Sarojini Nagar Market. It’s a good place for a short recess to regain energy under the blue sky and then back to shopping again. But there's not much blue sky here. There's a huge mall under construction at its side. This becomes the lunch place for the workers in the afternoon. There is a tap for drinking water but that does not work or municipality may have cut the water connection due to its misusage. The whole neighborhood slumdog children are here and disturbing everyone for money showing off their crazy acrobatics with Bollywood item hits. They are swearing each other for the kick of it and running around everywhere chasing each other.

No one is seen in exercise clothes. No dog walkers are to be found. No one is even playing cricket or football. It has a relaxed atmosphere. Everyone is doing their own stuff. Its pretty calm and noise free. The neighborhood villagers come here to chill out with family and kids. The name of the village is Pillanji. Drivers come and take a walk hands in hands intertwining the fingers with their girl friends  or sit in some romantic corner and enjoy some cozy moments. Few groups of old drivers are sitting in rounds and playing cards. They are making occasional noise of victory. One of them is a scribe and is noting down everyone's score. End of the game the person has to treat tea to everyone yet there is no tea man or vending guy selling anything in this park. No beggars, smack addicts, massagewala or homosexual men are seen anywhere around. So it gives a clean cut to the park. Amid the busy clutter of Sarojini Nagar Market it definitely has lot of nature to offer. Jai ho!

(Text and Photography by Pupps Roy)

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