Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Child's Play

(Text and Photography by Pupps Roy)

No. They are not child labours. Advance India. They are playful kids like every other kids that we see in the park. Except they are not playing in the park but they are playing at their parent's work place. Their parents are the masons and building a house as a part of the huge group. These two daughters are copying their mother exactly the way she carries cement on top of her head in a huge plate. Their mother giggles at them and tells "Why do they have to work? We are not dead. Let them play now". Their Father peeps out from the drainage line and smiles. He is cementing the drain surface across the building. These two daughters are extremely cute. They are too shy to talk but they are giggling and running around eachother. They play all day and when they are tired they rest with the street dogs on the huge sand stacks infront of the building-in-making. What a life! Life's a playground.

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