Sunday, 12 February 2012

And I met her

After a sumptuous lunch at "Gunpowder" in Hauz Khas Village which is known for the fashion and the art hub of Delhi with the funkiest eateries and cafes around midst of a crumbling monument, I go upstairs to "Boheme" for a cigarette break to breathe easy in the terrace.

Oh what a feeling! I love this breeze that comes from the lake and I always enjoy my post lunch puffs. Well this is just an excuse. The staircase that runs down the backyard of "Boheme"is broader, better and you will see amazing fashion boutique, book store and eventually you will lose yourself in the cool casualness of the entire magic of Hauz khas village.

I stop by inbetween the floors with 2 friends at "People Tree" where art and fashion collide with a celebration of collective creativity. I start looking at the shirts, note books, keyrings. lights and everything and there I saw her step in. The writer of "God of small things", my favourite author "Arundhati Roy" clad in handloom skirt and a cotton cape. She makes a minimalistic fashion approach towards her strong personality with a difference. Her undone curly graying hair and her shy, fearless face....its just not just good looks and grace, its something else. The softness of her presence is truly felt.

I am gobsmacked, totally. Tell me I am not dreaming. I can’t stare at her though I would love to but I keep throwing glimpses as she picks up some bohemian skirts and she looks at the mirror. She also looks through some the tunics ,kurtas and other stuff. No wonder her ever calming smile has drawn millions. Finally we exchanged some words. "This is so nice" and she says "Yes". I try to start a conversation "My friend knows you". And she asks "who?" I replied and by then the cashier was ready with my bill. I cheaply ask for discounts and she listens to it. I tell her about this blog. She asks me "Where do you stay?" I replied "Kailash Colony", I throw one more, "you?", She smiles and replies "Jorbagh". I pick up my stuff and she starts interacting with her friends. She also came to the store with two of her friends. At least we had something in common.

I smartly walk up to her and say "Bye Ma'm. It was lovely meeting you". She smile and says "Bye" and turns back to her friends.

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