Monday, 27 February 2012

The Reason is Spring

Cool breeze sweeping the walled city with a bright sunlight. Finally Delhi is nice, warm and cold at the same time. Fallen dry leaves are making a crackling noise as the street kids are piling them up to make a bonfire in the night or they may sell them to the vendor to make those "leafy plates". I take out my camera to take a picture and they are gone, running away with the rug full of leaves on their back. Some are wearing sweaters and some are not. Welcome to Dilli Spring which defines rebirth, renewal and regrowth of life, happiness, festivals and finally promises pleasant days after an extreme cold heady winter.

I talk to my friend in UK. No sign of spring there. Teeth chattering cold prevail in the air with occasional sprinkles. Entire Europe is shivering with minus 20 degrees and some home are not even receiving water or bare necessities. God Bless Dilli. Winter was definitely intense here than any other years but finally it’s bidding a slow good bye.

I take a walk into Lodi Garden. There's lot of sun here plus some seasonal spring flowers. Some I know and mostly I don’t. Yes there is Jasmine and a bunch of vibrant yellow colored flowers. What do you call them? I want to touch them and I do it before anyone or the gardener sees me. Bunking College students, kissing couples, resting drivers and old men are all soaking in the Sun. I buy a Cuppa Chai from the vending man for five bucks. Hot tea even tastes better with this weather. A small group of youth practicing some dance sequence. Looks like everyone is on a "spring break". I wonder why we Indians don’t have "Spring break" like those Canadians and Europeans. It’s a lovely short passing season and cutest amongst all. We should celebrate. I guess we are!

Chanakya Puri padded with greeneries looks little pale with the emptiness in the trees but its a party time around "Shanti Path". People are flocking up to the Australian Embassy for the "Spring Fair Fest". All overdressed affluent ladies from South Delhi flaunting their Choos and Pradas at 11 in the morning. What a sight! I settle with a pint of Kingfisher and look around the stalls. There's a Tarrot Card reader charging 700rs for a half hour read. Too pricy. Some nice designer stalls selling clothes and accessories. I turned around and stand at a corner where the crooner is singing some classic Rock song of Mick Jagger. I finish my beer and grab one more. It gets boring. I come out and take a walk.

I fell in love with the day, weather, people and the whole thing about it. I lie on the green turf next to the Pakistan Embassy. I look at the azure sky and smell the sunny earth mixed with some flowery fragrance or some perfume wafting in the air. I want to take a nap here. Beer in the day is making me drowsy. Day drinking is such a drag. Two cops are walking towards me. I get up and search my pockets. I am not carrying my visiting cards or Identity Proof. They will certainly ask me to leave immediately with at least ten questions. They smile and ask for "Machis". I gladly pass them my lighter. I am running low in cigarettes so I lit one without offering them. I am smart now. After all I live in Delhi. My spring day is done. I pick up my "Janpath" jhola and fade into the crowd. That reminds me I have to send my curtains and blankets for "Spring" Cleaning.

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