Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Chor Bazar: The infamous!!!

Busy, very busy crowd jostling you from one place to another. People shouting, money flowing from one pocket to another, Deals happening in seconds. Take care of your wallet, bag and cell phone. If you are a woman take care of your breast and bum along with others before some random sick soul presses it and just runs away. Real ugly and sleazy scene yet it pulls thousands here on every Sunday. Throw your dignity, morale and ideas of saving unaccounted economy for a bit and get into the Mecca of all shopping places that you have ever seen.

Every world class city has a China town, Red light area and also a place where flying vendors or thieves sell stolen goods and there’s 100% guarantee that you will never meet that seller in your whole life again. Someone tried to sell me a 32gb Ipod in Bangkok for 1000 Baht. I didn’t fall into its prey. My friend bought an original latest Fendi glass for $20 from Soho area in New York. But Delhi stands out of all. It has a large wide market for stolen goods and cheap, fake knock offs which runs for a kilometer or more in the heart of the walled city in the close vicinity of two police stations. Believe me! This infamous market started from the time of British Regiment and maintaining its status till now. It earned so much of reputation that it has been rated as a topmost place to see in "Lonely Planet" in Delhi page. If you are careless and lost anything in last few days you may end up finding it here but you have to buy it again. Funny, isn’t it?

Two young boys are swearing each other over selling a pair of converse shoes to a person who doesn’t look to be from Delhi. The customer is not acting smart else he would buy from the one quoting the least price. I walk past them. An old man selling an almost brand new pair of "Woudland" shoes for 200 bucks. The Burqha clad lady selling hairpins and bunch of accessories for 10 bucks each. Three Eunuchs are picking up bindis, hair bands etc so loudly in sheer happiness. And next to her is a Gentleman selling two piece men's formal suits for 500 bucks. I almost faint with a shock. It was a real Canali Suit. Looks like it has been dry cleaned properly before selling. His name is "Akbar". I ask him "Where do you get them from?" He replies in hindi "Dont ask Sirji just take these for yourself or gift your bhaiya".  On the other side a small boy selling Adidas socks, 4 for 100 Rs. I turned my neck towards the blaring music. Fancy colorful speakers from Korea, hongkong. Hand-made in China, hand-stolen in Delhi. Dont expect sealed boxes. Only undertaker sells empty boxes.

Two foreigners are haggling for 10 bucks over a bargain. The entire place is crazy. You have to visit here at least once just for an experience. You will go berserk over the whole thing. I felt a pull in my jacket from back. I turned and saw a small skinny girl. She is desperately trying to sell me a pearl necklace with ear rings for my girlfriend, sister, wife or somebody's wife. The funniest part is one ear ring is missing out of the pair. She promised to get me the other ring next Sunday. I can’t take this drama anymore. She chased me till I crossed the red light and disappeared towards the Red Fort. The bottom line is you can shop in a thieves market without getting caught. You have been to malls, supermarkets, floating markets and arcades. But this is unique out of all. It's a deal, it's a steal.


watinaro walling said...

does it still exist ?and what time shud i go, sunday ?

Priyanka Sharma said...

Bargaining is the key in Chor Bazaar Delhi. If you are not going to bargain in this market then you will definitely be in the losing end.

saklani said...

Brilliant Post!

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