Thursday, 8 September 2011

9/11 and its Sequels...

Another9/11 is approaching and the only hope that the time never comes back like the way we faced the horrendous massacre ten years back and its consequences. The kingpin of the atrocities Osama Bin Laden is dead but is the terrorism dead with him? Then why are there blasts in Pakistan, India? Wasn't he the sole terrorist in the world? Many researchers have seen that although bin Laden was finally assassinated, he won some major successes in his war against the United States. Is that an ultimate end? Or the beginning of the end?  Bleeding the US was his mission. And he made US Bankrupt through its small attacks. But what have they gained? Their country has not progressed a bit instead its going backwards due to harboring of terrorists therein. They dont have even enough food to eat due to lack of cultivation. And no country wants to help them. Forget about education and subsidy. Even entry of UN is restricted to certain region. So is this their victory? You call this achievement? Nothing waits for the welfare of country citizen against hatred, bleeding, horror and hungry faces. Being heavily influenced by Arab countries they are just being a bunch of Scape Goats. And their mantra reaches everywhere in the air, even in India. Mumbai Blast is the biggest catastrophic example of nasty terrorism. Then there was cruel attack at the Taj Hotel Mumbai, again there were serial attacks in every year here and there in India. Finally yesterday the Delhi bomb blast at the high court was a real eye opener for the subsequence of 9 11. It’s just two days to go and they have proved they are stronger and they are everywhere. After watching my country attacked, watching and seeing the news media, my academic institutions, and my government blatantly, outrageously, shamelessly lying and rewriting history days, even hours, after it happened before my very eyes, I began to question. I ask myself. Where do we stand? Why are we living in fear? Why do we think twice before stepping out in a heavily crowded market place? Why do we avoid travelling in local transports? My friend is dead today. Maybe Its I tomorrow!

And these questions lead to even more questions.

9/11 changed my life by making me aware of the historical and international politics which could have stopped the episode to occur and so the other terrorist activities. Its just that we do not have a solid network to fight with them. Whatever we have with us looks really bleak to them. And hats off to their unity or harmony...whatever!

If there was no internet, the funny people like us would be so blind as to be comparable with that of East Europeans or North Koreans or even the Tibetans. But I must admit the fact that the Tibetans know that they are being lied to.

I stopped trusting journalists and media. They suck big-time. Instead of condemning terrorism they are putting serial murderers on the reality show. Get a life! The best place is prison for them. And the funniest thing to digest is Kasab still alive out of all these. But the question is still a question. And India is not a sole country responsible for its own predicament.

Do you know how many years did it take for the French and other nations supporting them to ultimately arrest Carlos and to destroy their network?
20 years. Yes 20 long years.

This says it all!


Anirban Mukerji said...

Came to your blog after it was quoted in MINT, keep it up, blog more frequently

Pupps said...

Thanks Anirban. Will do for sure! I m glad you made it here!