Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Sleeping with Make Up(Don't make me up, I'm good)

I have many friends. Many girl friends who sleep with their make up not by choice but thats vastly situational. Its not that they like to do it becuase it doesnt sound really pretty to sleep with the make up on but it can look pretty sexy and takes you to a whole new dimesion. She often sleeps with her boyfriend after the party at his apartment with her make up on forgetfully or with her knowledge.

 Just imagine a girl sleeping with her full make up on. It definitely increases the hot factor. If you are in your sexiest lingerie you are sure to look like a sexy pornstar. Big deal! Dont we love looking like one some point in life? I know a girl who feels like a pornstar everyday but sadly she is a teacher. What an irony! I also remember lot of girls were inspired to be a prostitute after watching Pretty Woman including me that barks. Her whole idea of Make up and dress up was quite interesting.

 Just imagine a tousle-haired beauty with fake eyelashes with loud shiny lips sleeping next to you. If you are a girl she is an envy factor to you. Not only how she looks next morning except her fluffy face because of too many vodkas from last night but the flakes from her eyeshadow gathering at the corner of her eyes and the faint lipstick stain which is now almost a lipliner gives out a whole new definition of the morning face. Left over make up style is favourte of lot of designers. Faded make up, unset hairdo, almost gone lipstick reminds you of the sex Goddess you were last night. It makes you feel so happy and not crappy.

Come on tell me the truth, if you use makeup frequently, at one point or more, you have probably gone to sleep with it on. Whether you forgot the fact that you were wearing it or you were just too tired to bother removing it, it happens. And why not! Why do we spend so much of money buying those expensive make up? M.A.C. Extended Play, Maybelline XXL 24HR Bold, Dior Show waterproof Mascara, Bulletproof kajal, what are they for? Do they harm our skin if we wear it overnight? The answer is yes to certain extent. To avoid pimples or acne please remove your make up make up before you go to bed. Your skin can't breathe with make up layers. So there are some chance for acne and pimples. Just dont make it a daily habit. Sounds better.

Look at the picture below where Marilyn Monroe is having her morning milk breakfast lying in bed with her unremoved last night's make up. This was not a proposed shot or anything like that. Just after that she became a global star. So it has implications. Good, bad whatever we admit it. If you are confident and can carry on left over make up sometime and can have fun with it then nothing like that. You go girl!

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