Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Ouuch Mah..squito!

One tight slap on thigh, one on cheek, another one on the right hand after 10 seconds. Killed two and one just flew away. But it’s going to make a comeback just like the other bunch with its huge entourage in sometime. Summer at its peak. Delhi is hot as hell and on top of that there is mosquito menace followed by its associated disease and symptoms. This year a lot more mosquitoes are swarming Delhi with their killer stings. The life span of a mosquito is 22 - 26 hrs. During time period a female may lay up to 150 eggs. So imagine the numbers they are multiplying. Government has no clue where they came from and day by day they are setting a strong foothold in the city. You are guaranteed to get bit starting from the Airport to the other side of Yamuna river. This mosquito infested city is now alert. Health Minister A K Walia, after a 2 hour long meeting, said the intermittent showers combined with rising temperature have created conditions conducive for breeding of mosquitoes which needs to be checked urgently. But are they actually checking it?

Delhi Government asked RWAs, private and public offices, hospitals, schools, police stations and market associations to take effective steps to stop breeding of mosquitoes which transmit dengue.

Forget about Dengue or Malaria or Chikangunia. Delhiites are getting a strange disease. This mosquito bites give pain in bone joints which stays for more than six months. So start covering up. To prevent itching apply Odomos. Pleasant evening breeze outside can be enjoyable but make sure you are protected. But Delhiites are smart. While partying in open space besides serving good food and drinks there’s always a tube of odomos lying somewhere for the scanty clothed ladies. Kaccchua Chaap coils are in every nook in the houses in this season. And there is at least one commercial of mosquito repellant out of ten in TV. The awareness and protection is there. So play it safe. Stay covered Delhi girls. Do you really need to attract even more eyes than you already would with your fair skin, big eyes and long rebonded hair?

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