Thursday, 10 January 2013

After Rape...Now what?

(Text by Pupps Roy)

What happened in Delhi was horrible and beyond mercy. Delhi has been once again proved to be the rape capital of India. Many rapes have been unreported in the city. But this unfortunate incident has brought some changes in our society which may not be short term because this created a social catastrophe. Everyone is awake from 6 to 80 years old. This is not an incident that newspapers forget after 7 days. This is as serious as "Arushi's case" or "Mumbai blast". The whole nation is falling apart and raising voice for action. Rules and Acts have to be amended. Mentality needs a change, approach has to change, and Behavior has to be different. How much change can we succumb to? It is not ONLY about the gangrape of a college student. It is about our city, entire nation, all of us.  Men, women, transexuals and every minority group who go through all these on every single day. Can we really change? That’s the question. And why do we change to stop Rapes to happen? Why can’t Rapes stop itself? Ok let’s stop dreaming and get real. Rapes won’t stop but it can lessen in number. Rape is a heinous crime. On top of that violently killing after rape is unforgiveable. It would have been so nice if the girl lived after her "fight with life" in the hospital. She died a life of a Hero and left the nation to wake up from the slumber.


Everyone is coming out with new plan of punishment against rape. Not to mention about the useless souls who think changing dress code or addressing brothers to the rapists will change the situation. Neither Arab law will ever prevail in India. This needs a myriad change of acceptance and understanding to the punishment of such heinous crime which shook our entire nation and our conscience. What’s happening in its wake is just as sad to hear the great minds of India are so childish in their quotes. Touch wood they were never raped! They would never be able to get up on their toes and give a speech again in life. It feels so disgusting when men pass such remarks. It truly reflects that some of their brains are located in their genitals. The reason we are ranting to its stance is this is heartfelt as if it happened to one of our family members. Almost 80% Indians have shown some sort of protest through talking it out, going to the protest march, discussing it or spreading in the social network media. Finally it’s the time to forget our developing India and time to realize that it’s not that great. But there is area of improvements. We can make it a better place to live in. Is it that difficult to unify India and to get this installed into the heads of Indian women that Rape is not horrible because you become spoilt. It is not horrible because your family will lose their respect and will walk with their heads down in the public places. Please delete the idea that your virtue lives between your thighs. The whole thing gave other Indian women strength to come out and many have reported incidents to police after this. A Rape victim always needs empathy instead of the gory details which is often asked by  the authority. Discussion should only be restricted between the victim and the female police officer. Is this practised? Is the post Rape treatment shown in Movies real?


Delhi police have been pretty much fast on this case. They are well equipped with everything including the latest technology. Run amok with it. They are adapting to the pressure and working to "Fast Track" other rape cases. Let’s stop abusing them. They patrol whole night so that we can peacefully sleep. Their antiquated pistols and their pot belly look so cheap, foolish and unfit during the time of an attack but they can’t roam around with the AK 47. They don’t have the right. Would they kill the rapists with AK 47 like terrorists so that they die the worst death? Terrorists and rapists should die in the worst possible manner or let them suffer their whole life. Rapists should be raped, tortured then sent back to hospital and then should be brought back again for a fresh session of Rape and torture. Or evolve an idea so that Rapists stop taking birth? Yes the key idea is to educate people. Everyone should know what constitues abuse and its degrees. Also educate them their rights and strengthem them to come back to real life and survive. Girl, you fought for all of us. You are an eye opener. Long live Nirbhaya! Lets hope for a better world! Better Delhi.




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