Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Fun doooo!

(Text by Pupps Roy, photo taken from google images)

Delhi sleeps early thesedays. Cops shut out the parties at 1am in the water holes of Delhi. Every day hauz khas village and GK are periodically busted after midnight. PCR vans are permanently posted at the entry of every party area. So please go home. Dont be out till late. This implies how unsafe Delhi is. But Delhi's nightlife is diverse and growing everyday. People are coming with new concepts. Tucked away, you will see everything from dive bars theme pubs, to multi-level nightclubs. Even the bars around the hedonistic, hippy side of Pahargunj close around 12.30pm.

So what Delhi banishes parties after midnight? House parties have always been favourite.
1. You can drink as much as you can without having to take any tension to go back home.
2. You can crash in there after the party is over.
3. You are safe with the people you know of in the party.
4. Its your party.

But what can you do other than parties? what if you dont like to party? Catch a night show movie in one of the malls and then sit around in some coffee shop till the wee hours.

You dont even have to spend a lot in Five star coffee shops. There are few upmarket coffee shops that are open till 1.30 and beyond. And the famous one around the Nizammudin station is open for 24 hours. So go and give a treat to yourself.

Who says that Nightlife in Delhi is considered to be luxurious and lavish life if compared with mumbai? Drive to India Gate and or a take night bus. Most of the night buses pass by India Gate with the sole intention to entertain delhite. Lick an icecream and watch the spectacular India Gate. Survey says 97% delhiite has visited India Gate in the mid night.

If you like adventure then run errand to the famous dhabas for a treat just at the Delhi Haryana Border. You may come across your colleague and his family there. Enjoy spicy paratha with home made unsalted butter. Not bad for a change on a saturday night.

Delhi is tired but not old and it has many avenues to enjoy despite its strict rules thesedays. Well rules are arbitrary and pretty needless for people who do something more insightful. Lets not go there. Lets draw a lakhsman Rekha to our fun limit and enjoy limitless. Happy Delhi, fun Delhi...there you go!

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