Thursday, 23 August 2012

Makeup and Make out?

 (Text by Pupps Roy and photo from Google Images)
Makeup and make out have sort of a way along each other. How inviting and sexy those prostitutes look in TV or in real life just before taking them in bed. Ok set aside prostitutes, what about the mujras? The neat way the desi dancers dress up and their aesome make up do! Lovely deep kohl around eyes, loud lipstick and their beauty spots. It definitely draws a mile towards making out. You cant wait to get the girl naked exploring each body part. Then again the body make up or touch up! Highlighting bosoms, bronzing the collar bones. Buy those shimmer moisturizer. What are they for? apply it in ur arms and increase the hot factor. Jergen's shimmer Moisturizer and Dove's "summer glow" does all the trick.  A little powdery effect to the whole thing? Go for Mac Bronzer powder and keep dabbing before he rubs on you! The makeup is bound to stay even after a long hot massage.

Oh My God you are a sex goddess straight from the vogue magazine. Its good to eat grapes off the wall paper if we can’t live in wall paper. The feeling is fantastic till the time the make up is on. How about sex proofing it? Make up running over on the pillow case during the make out session? Absolutely no! Such a turn off! Use lip gloss or those Mac Stay-on lipstick to arouse your man to your red hot lips without fear of leaving a lipstick stain on his or your linens. Even the Revlon sticks are not bad. You are safe darling. Rub a very little from your lips on ur cheeks and then blush, blush, blush. You may just try Mac Fetish or Mac Lust or even Mac Fondle. Well they are not the names of a soft porn flick. They are the latest ones from Mac. Get a screaming sex appeal with these.

 Spray some Victoria secret's sweet seduction in your favourite spots. Belive me it will work like the Axe-deo commercial. The sweet sexy smell will let him ask you for more. It reacts so well with body and gives out an orgasmic fragrance so enjoy the euphoric moment and let it just linger.
Not to forget the X-rated eye shadows to play with your eyes if you want to get on to your sexy side. Try shades of grey or black. There are fifty shades of grey available. So get into the gritty side of it. Add some silvery touch to it or just blacken it wholly.

Let him play you around for a while. To finish it spray some rose water on ur face from few inches from your face to seal the makeup. You can buy Mac's make up fix or some same make up sealers from Clinique or Chambor or even L’oreal has some nice ones. This will not crack or crease your make up. Look for one that is moisture resistant so feel free to sweat the night away with your partner. This is ideal to deal with Delhi's muggy weather. So dear Delhi girls you are sorted, no fear of spoiling your make up while making out! This will definitely make your boyfriend to stay home with you on a stag night. Have fun: All Nighter.


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